Once upon a time, two kids decided to start a band. The first was exceptionally good at playing the drums and the piano. There wasn’t a single note he couldn’t play. The other could play piano, but was more fond of playing guitar and writing lyrics. He could write a decent song with a tune to go with it in a matter of minutes. Together these two thought they could accomplish great things! But soon enough, they realized that their music was feeling a little empty; their music was missing BASS!! Not too long after, they met up with a mutual friend who happened to be “freakin’ amazing at the guitar” as well as the bass! Immediately, this friend was hired into the band, officially, as True City’s bassist. And then, they were off! They had started their first EP, “Out With the Old, In With the New,” and had played a few small shows here and there. Their fan base slowly started growing and more people became aware of their presence.

A year had gone by and everything was going well. The band had a couple songs that people were actually excited to listen to and an active online presence. But, yet something was still missing. They decided to mix things up a bit and have someone feature in a song. After a long search, they found a girl who was in the school choir. She literally had the voice of an ANGEL!! With no second thoughts, they invited her to feature in a song and she happily agreed. About a month later, the four of them met up to record a track, later  known as “Tear It Up.” Although the song was “just for fun,” it immediately took off and became increasingly popular! After some time of thinking it over, the band decided that the girl was fun to work with and could be a great addition to the band. Without hesitation, the three boys asked the girl to be a member and, like the last time, she agreed! Now, anything was possible! The four of them played a couple shows and recorded demos together. Currently, these amigos are in the midst of recording their first album, “Intervention.”

To Be Continued….